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Comikaze 2013 was our first con. We didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t know what we were doing. Then we met this badass mf of Sideways 8 Studios fame. Situated next to our table, he held our hand and walked us through the whole process like a sage. He wasn’t condescending when he had to explain to us what “bronies” were or why some attendees wore fez hats.

Dr. Who

Dr. Who

For those of you who have never been to a comic book/anime convention, it’s a different world. There’s this frenetic energy in the air. Over-stimulation of the senses, kind of like Vegas only without the drunken douchebags or that glassy, dead-eyed look of having just lost your savings in a single hand. It’s weird and wonderful.

Comikaze 2013,

Comikaze 2013,

But the best part by far was meeting some of the most interesting people in the world. We met a real life blacksmith who reads 200 books a year and competes in ironman. We met social exiles whose communities forged with fellow aficionados was something to envy. We marveled at the creativity of the cosplayers and exhibitionists. And it was a blast.

So here’s to a great Comikaze 2013. Here’s to you, Jeff and Chris, our neighbors. And here’s to Brook(e?), and Frederik, and Fatima, and Rockwell, and Charlie and Amber, and JD, and Arrielle, and Andres, Guilherme, and everyone else who took a gamble on us and helped make this such a memorable first comic book convention. See you all at WonderCon?