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Music is by far the most powerful medium as far as I’m concerned. More powerful than visual? That’s a pretty tight race but I’d still put my money on music.

I enjoy a decent spread of music. But not everything I enjoy is conducive to long hours of pensive, deep immersion into daydreams. When I paint, write, or introspectively gaze at my shoes, I usually imbibe a particular cocktail of jazz, movie scores, trip-hop, and… well, shoegaze. It gets me in the right state of mind without distracting me. 

I made no exception while writing Parabolis.

I’d often close my eyes, up the volume, and visualize the setting–the temperature in the air, the scent, the ambient murmuring of some distant crowd, the cinematic scenery.

If you’re wondering how I made my way to Parabolis, here’s a sample playlist to guide you.

Sigur Ros – “Med Sud I Eyrum”
Yann Tiersen – “Deja Loin”
Blue Sky Black Death – “And Stars, Ringed”
John Murphy – “Adagio in D Minor” AKA “Sunshine”
Patrick O’Hearn – “Beyond This Moment”
Ulrich Schnauss – “Nobody’s Home”
Zucchero feat. Miles Davis – “Dune Mosse”
Blackmill – “In the Night of Wilderness”
Moby – “God Moving Over the Face of the Waters”
John Coltrane – “I’m Old Fashioned”
Amethystium – “Outro”