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When I read fiction, I picture a movie in my head.  I have a mental casting call for every character.  Philip Seymour Hoffman somehow always gets a role.  I put on some Sigur Ros or Ennio Morricone in the background.  And the curtains go up.

I wrote Parabolis much in the same way–like I was watching an epic steampunk fantasy directed by Michael Mann or Tony Gilroy.  There are skyships, flint-lock pistols, submarines.  But I wanted it to feel real.  Believable.  I wanted the Real to be in the details.  The non-sequitur moments.  The taste of bile stuck in your nasal cavity after vomiting.  The philosophical questions.  The dialogue.  I wanted to write dialogue the way Cormac McCarthy writes dialogue.  Then again, ideally, I’d want to write everything the way Cormac McCarthy writes everything.

I hope if/when you get a copy of Parabolis, you enjoy the show.