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~250 copies of Parabolis have already been sold or awarded to our backers. That’s ~250 out of 2000 copies of the limited first edition. That’s ~250 pairs of eyes, scrutinizing the song of my heart. And after all those hours, days, years, spent hunched over a computer, scribbling on napkins and notebooks, piecing this thing together, this story could just as well be The Room of books… only without the cult following. I wouldn’t know. I’ve been married to this thing too long to see it with any objectivity. But it’s out there, circulating like a selfie I can never take back.

“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!”

After re-reading the novelzine in its final form just a few weeks ago, I noticed errors that had managed to slip through the cracks. I don’t want to bring attention to them but they’re there screaming at me: “This is worse than the way your voice sounds on a recording!”

Ideally, those of you who have a copy won’t even notice them because you’ll be so immersed in the story. Ideally, those of you who do will think, “These are indicators of an authentic limited first edition copy,” and you’ll see it for the collector’s item it could be.

If we ever manage to move the remaining ~1750 copies, you can be sure we’ll give it a proper polish before we order another print run. The real question then is, “Errors or no errors, is the story any good?”

I take that back. The real real question is, “Do I really want to know?”

And the answer to that is YES because if my heart is tone deaf, it shouldn’t be singing. So let us know what you think. Email us. Message us on Facebook. Call me. Maybe.