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An interesting post on the co-creative process of reading.

“These images we “see” when we read are personal: What we do not see is what the author pictured when writing a particular book. That is to say: every narrative is meant to be transposed; visually translated. It is ours.”

The blogger goes on to say:
“Why are novels or short stories any different? Reading means producing a private play of sorts. Reading is casting, set decoration, direction, stage management…

Importantly: all of these choices—these transpositions we choose when reading— work. They work for us because books do not tender precise images, sounds or smells. Books, like plays, present ideas, and the juxtaposition of ideas. It is the interaction of ideas that catalyzes feeling in us readers.”

And this was the crux of our artistic decision: to make Parabolis visually compelling without robbing you, the reader, of the creative liberty to imagine it as visually granular or sketchy as you please. It is, after all, yours.