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Day Job, New Job, Comikaze & A Riddle


This blog hasn't been updated in quite a while so here's my attempt at catching everyone up.

It was a thrilling week when my shameless imgur post  got some attention back in May. I discovered a handful of people who enjoyed Parabolis. Some have been asking about the sequel. I've had it in mind to write one but I only got as far as an outline and a really good paragraph about a character sitting seaside sipping on chacoli that belongs somewhere near the beginning of the story. Then a baby was born. And fires abound.

Until mid-September, I was a wildland firefighter in California. And in the past few months, fires have been capitalizing on the drought-stricken state. After spending hours, days, and weeks digging trenches mid-slope on steep, unforgiving terrain in 103 degree weather, there was little motivation to come home and do anything but hold my newborn and sit in the stillness. So for those of you who have been waiting for the sequel along with my editor who is about to put a bounty on my head, I'm sorry. The good news is I got a new day job. There is a bit of a learning curve to it and I don't expect it will keep me any less busy, but I'm hoping it won't leave me so physically depleted that I won't be able to chip away at the sequel when time permits. Fingers crossed.

On an unrelated note, Comikaze in L.A. is coming up. Get your tickets early. Although I won't be able to attend (bc training for new job), our resident artist, Curt Merlo will be there debuting his new zine/book/work of art. I've seen it and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't worth your undivided attention. Not only that, he will also be giving away FREE copies of Parabolis to anyone who can correctly answer this question: 

"How many hares in a hat?"

So be sure to swing by the Saboteur Press table.